Monday, May 14, 2018

Julie Loves Grass!

Julie: Oh boy,mum got me some grass!!

I really like eating grass.

I have mum well trained to go outside and pick me some.

Yus mum, it is tasty.Thanks!

Should I save this for later?

Maybe. I see other things I may need to check out.
There's always something to see on the porch.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Window walking with Julie

Julie: Here I am in the kitchen.
I am telling mum to take pictures of me as
 walk along the windowsills.

Here I go.

Approaching the corner.

The crossover and a pause to look out of the window,
because,you know, curiosity and the cat thing. MOL!

There! Now a nice pose.
In addition to walking, the windowsills are 
wide enough for laying on and I have
my meals up here.
I like these windowsills.

Monday, April 30, 2018

A Break in the Rain for Julie

Julie: Hi there! How was your weekend?
Mine was pretty rainy so it was not good for
window watching.

However, Sunday afternoon, the rain stopped.
I was able to look out the windows!
There were some critters outside.

There were lots of birds,

and Chippy Chipmunk popped out for a while.
Critter TV is much better when it is not raining!

I hope we get more sunny days but mum says it's 
about 50/50 for this week.
I'll cross my paws and hope it works ;)

Monday, April 23, 2018

Midnight Monday with Julie

Julie: I had a great weekend.
As you can see it was sunny and it was even warm.

Mum spent some time outside doing yard work.
She had help from her sister(Team Tabby)

Sunday was pretty nice too so I was on the porch.

I was checking to find the best spot for a nap.

There, now I am comfy.

Outside there was Bird TV.
Some pigeons dropped by for some cracked corn.
Yup, it was a pretty good weekend.
Now I will have that snooze.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Dining with a View

Julie: I really like this time of year.The days are longer
and Critter TV is so much better

Watching critters eat reminds me that supper is near!

I really love supper time. Yum!!!

Supper with a view is better!

I got to see Chippy Chipmunk...

and Earl the Squirrel.
Though Earl looks like he wants MY dinner.
Not happening dude!

 Ah, must make sure to get every last bite! 

See ya later friends!